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*Mountain Tour : “PicNic in Kissane”
Kissane Mountain wich means the “head of the Tagine” rises to nearly 1600m and dominates the Draa Valley. Wonderful viewpoint of this Valley classified among the most beautiful in the world.
The adventure starts where the 4x4 stops…
Limited to a privilege few , the encounter with the nomads will remain an unforgettable moment…

-1Day /1600m/3h for ascent,3h for descent /Nomad PicNic

*”The Caravan Route”Tour (from 3 people)
-4 Days /5 Nights (trained walker)/120Km=30Km/day=2 nights in the Palm Groove/1 night homestay /1 night in the mountain/1 night back in Bab el Oued Oasis
-2250,00Dh/person (excepted the night in Bab el Oued Oasis)


*“Tailor Made” Tours
For the real adventurers who wish to conquer an unknown Morocco and accen location than can only be reached by foot.
Follow the 1000 & 1 old mule tracks that will lead you in Berber country to meet the Nomad Tribes