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 Sustainable & Responsible Tourism 


Real Pioneer in Morocco since 2010 :

Ecolodge Bab el Oued is the first accommodation created on the principle of the sustainable development at the heart of the Reserve of Biosphere of the Oases of the Moroccan South, classified world heritage of the humanity by the UNESCO in the year 2000.

A Tourism-friendly Tourism and Human.



Bab el Oued, first place for the region of the South of Morocco developed at the heart of the Valley of Draa a new way of travelling, that of the " slow travel " and of a tourism of closeness with the nature: the agritourism or how to learn again to take its time, to give meaning to every gesture which we make.

Before becoming this luxuriant Ecolodge, it is already at the level of its creation that Bab el Oued became famous significantly. A team 100 % local of 15 malhams, specialists of the art of the pisé/clay& straw and the bioclimatic houses (inspired by Kasbahs) shaped Ecolodge during 2 years.
So allowing to emphasize the local culture and to make ancestral local techniques of construction continue in pisé/clay& straw which unfortunately tend to disappear.


Mixing Tradition, Comfort, Innovation and Sustainable development, Ecolodge Bab el Oued equipped itself dice the departure of all the possible ecological innovations: wastewater treatment plant, solar panels for the hot water, the faucets and the economic toilet, the solar pump for the well, 100% LED bulbs etc....
A cost at first but which finally allows a use of very high quality and a long-term developing ethics.
Few structures have this Ecological, Responsible and Sustainable level in Morocco.

Conscious of the importance of healthy food, in the continuity of a respectful project of the People and the Nature, we cultivate in a natural way on 100 % of the domain more than 150 sorts of vegetables, fruits, aromatic, cereal and healing plants which will come to create the organic and creative cooking of Ecolodge.
To pursue the journey at the house, we propose you numerous by-products, such jams of dates / quinces / oranges / mandarins, our honey of Oasis, the boxes of dates, the henna, carpets...

Finally from day to day: to think local and in a global way, because the responsible and sustainable tourism includes all the benefactions of a thoughtful tourism, thought and realized as closely as possible to the environment and of its identity connected to its appropriate and unique geo-localization.

Here in a way 100 % natural, 100 % cultural and 100 % local.